PostHeaderIcon Prohibition against Creativity

The curiosity of children who so great sometimes make parents worry about their safety. Because it’s often parents forbade his son to do something which, according to them can be dangerous. However, the prohibition against the parents was made to have an impact on the development of their mental and psychology.

Only legitimate parents forbade his son. However, the ban should only be given if the children did indeed do something that endangers himself or others around them for example breach of norms and morals. But many parents are sometimes be overprotective so all the things you want to do is prohibited.

According to him, the child too much banned by parents will be buried his creativity. Such initiative is not growing. Even they will become very reliant or dependent personality disorder clinical terms and dare not do anything without the approval of her parents.
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PostHeaderIcon Ideal Sleep Time for Kids

Did you know, the amount of sleep needed a child varies according his age. Try to check, it’s enough that your child’s bedtime?

Gradually with increasing age, then a little more sleep time required. But basically a child requires a lot of time sleeping. The following is the amount of sleep children per day based on age:

-Infants 0-1 year-> bed time: 14-15 hours of 8 hours of sleep a night, and the 6-7 hour NAP.
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PostHeaderIcon ADHD and successful future relation

Most people consider hyperactivity or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) as signs of a bad boy. They then think of ADHD as a disease. It’s good You throw away that thought. ADHD is not a disease, but a pent-up potential that should be directed properly.

Almost everyone is sure to know the scientist Albert Einstein. But did you know that he is also having ADHD? Even ADHD also experienced by us President John F Kennedy, scientist Thomas Edison, actor Sylvester Stallone, a left-handed Michael Jordan, and businessman Bill Gates.

But the case it happened when they were still children. Thomas Edison, for example. He was expelled from the school because it is considered a fool. But who would have thought he would later grow up to be a great scientist.
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PostHeaderIcon Bullying caused

Children fall victim to bully his friend at school? What is the cause, and what to Mama to do?

Bullying can be fatal to the offender and his victim too, as this can have an impact on self esteem and future. Even some victims of bullying which eventually led to the tragedy of suicide.

Each child could be the victim of bullies, your child was no exception. All you need to do is to educate children to become tough, and confident. So automatically, it does not catch fire in bully.

Parents also need to know is the cause of children victimized by bullies.
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PostHeaderIcon Avoid and Dealing with anger

The most important thing to keep in mind when dealing with a child who is angry, no matter what the reason, is still being quiet. Don’t aggravate Your frustration with the situation. Children can feel when their parents become frustrated. This can be frustrating as they become more severe. Drag the breath in deeply and try to think more clearly. Your child imitate Your example. Hitting children is not helpful in such situations; because the child will catch the messages that we could solve the problem with a punch. Have sufficient self control.

First, try to understand what is going on. The explosion of anger emotions must be handled individually depending on the cause. Try to understand the cause. For example, when your child is experiencing great disappointment, you need to empathize with him before directing the action and attitude.
The situation would be different in the face of an explosion of emotion from a child who is experiencing rejection. Be aware that small children do not yet have the ability to explain a reason properly, so you may not receive a satisfactory explanation.
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